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Import font and images assets

To use the font and image assets from GOV.UK Frontend, you can either:

  • serve the assets from the GOV.UK Frontend assets folder - recommended
  • copy the font and image files into your application

Set up your routing so requests for files in <YOUR-SITE-URL>/assets are served from /node_modules/govuk-frontend/dist/govuk/assets.

For example if you’re using express.js, add the following to your app.js file:

const path = require('path');
app.use('/assets', express.static(path.join(__dirname, '/node_modules/govuk-frontend/dist/govuk/assets')))

Copy the font and image files into your application

If you decide to copy the assets instead, copy the:

  • /node_modules/govuk-frontend/dist/govuk/assets/images folder to <YOUR-APP>/assets/images
  • /node_modules/govuk-frontend/dist/govuk/assets/fonts folder to <YOUR-APP>/assets/fonts
  • /node_modules/govuk-frontend/dist/govuk/assets/manifest.json file to <YOUR-APP>/assets

You should use an automated task or your build pipeline to copy the files, so your project folder stays up to date when we update GOV.UK Frontend.

If you have your own folder structure

If you use a different folder structure than <YOUR-APP>/assets/images and <YOUR-APP>/assets/fonts, you can set Sass variables so that Sass builds the CSS to point to your folders.

Set one of the following before the @import line in your Sass file:

  • $govuk-assets-path
  • $govuk-images-path and $govuk-fonts-path

Set the $govuk-assets-path variable if your font and image folders have the same parent folder. For example:

$govuk-assets-path: "/<YOUR-ASSETS-FOLDER>/";

Set the $govuk-images-path and $govuk-fonts-path variables if your font and image folders have different parent folders. For example:

$govuk-images-path: "/<YOUR-IMAGES-FOLDER>/";
$govuk-fonts-path: "/<YOUR-FONTS-FOLDER>/";

You can also use your own function to generate paths, for example if you’re using asset-pipeline in sass-rails. Set the $govuk-image-url-function and $govuk-font-url-function variables to the name of your function.