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Update using Node.js package manager (npm)

You can update with Node.js package manager (npm) if you originally installed GOV.UK Frontend with npm.

Find out which version you’re using

To find out which version of GOV.UK Frontend your project is using, you can run:

npm list govuk-frontend

If you do not have command line access, you can see the version number in the package.json file in the root of your project directory. For example:

"govuk-frontend": "4.5.0"

Update GOV.UK Frontend using npm

To find out the latest version of GOV.UK Frontend, check the release notes in the GOV.UK Frontend GitHub repository.

You may need to make code changes to keep GOV.UK Frontend working in your project, if the major version number changes when you update. The major version number is the first digit in the version number.

To update to the most recent version, run:

npm install govuk-frontend@latest

If you want to install an earlier version, replace latest with the version that you want to update to. For example:

npm install govuk-frontend@2.13.0